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India Kids


There is need and opportunity to minister to many more kids. To participate in this ministry send us a note at “Contact Us” above.

Tina age 9, Titus age 10Tina and Titus are sister and brother – their family settled in Slum area – In a very early years of life they saw the poverty, hardship in their life. And along with that they also saw the cruelty of their father – their father is a drunkard (don’t go job regularly) and beat their mother badly. Both of these kids prayed for the salvation of his drunkard father – They praise God for the first time their father came to the meeting at St. Andrews Church – when Pastor Tom and Dan had two-day meeting in November 2009. Both of kids enjoyed to see their father in the church. They are praying that their dad would completely change his life. They requested us to pray for their father “Ragaswami” for Salvation.  

Venu 14 year oldSenior boy in our Kids project comes from the Hindu background, Venu’s father was married to a different woman and his mother married to different man. Venu has undergone tremendous mental pressure because both his father and mother left when he was 9 years old. And lastly he is staying with his grandmother who is Hindu – Now because of his prayer life his grandfather, grandmother and his uncle stopped worshiping idols. Praise God for this young boy and his prayerful life.

AmmuComes from the Slum Area, she lost her mother when she was 2 years old. Since then it was very hard for her to look over her brother. After joining to the Kids Program she learned the prayers, Bible. Now she is dedicated her life for the work of the ministry. In the slums there was woman who severely got pain in her stomach, she was crying very long, nothing happen and then taken to hospital – pain didn’t stop. This young girl Ammu noticed and prayed for her. The women instantly got healed. Now this girl stood as living testimony among the unbelieving people in the slums.  

Shiva Kumar  – Who had been given an opportunity to testify at D. Outreach in November ’09. He witnessed publicly his testimony first time in his life – now he decided to take the baptism. Praise God for the work of God in his life. 

Mr.  Raj  & Nalini – Overseers House #1 – We had a Financially debts we were almost strangled for 2 years – there was no peace in our home. Our hard worked money was just gone to pay for the interest. And it was very embarrassing situation, when moneylender asked the money. As we started the kids food project God miraculously intervened in our Family life and solved all our financial difficulties. We strongly believe that it was the hand of God. We thank you for Pastor Tom and Ps. John giving us the privilege to work with slum area kids.      

Mr. Mrs. Bush. – Overseers House #2We were people without home before joining “Calvary Mission Church”  we  met Pastor John at Sunday evening prayers meetings at Bro. Joseph’s residency. My self and my wife  immediately perceived in our spirits to join Calvary Church – by the verse by verse preaching  of God’s Work – we spiritually stated  grow in the Lord. I am blessed with the Railway Job – there were time me and my family slept without any food in our Home. Praise the Lord after we started kid’s project – in our home we have abundance of food. God has also given us Beautiful Home. Thanks for your help and prayers. Some people discouraged our family when we started kids program – they told me that kids program will end in just 6 months – But praise God! food project continued still today  – praise God for his providence!