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1450 E. Joliet St.
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Potluck 3rd Sunday

Prayer Meeting: 7-8 pm
1636 Edith Way

Bible Study
Starts 7 pm
@ Bulldog Park, C.P.

7:00 am 2nd Saturday
call for location

89.9 Valpo (WHLP)
95.9 Crown Point
Weekdays -11:30am Sunday -5:00pm CST
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Bulldog Bible Study

Bring your Bible! Currently Studying Exodus: From Slavery to Freedom

Bulldog Park Building in Downtown Crown Point

Weekly Questions here:

Exodus – Ch.4 – God’s Provision

Consider doing an outline of the main points of the chapters as a help. Pray as you work.

  1. What is the theme of Ch. 4?
  2. 2:1– what was Moses’ response?
    • Was that a proper response?
  3. What was God showing Moses in v.2-9?
    • How did Moses respond?
    • Was that a proper response?
    • What were the excuses Moses made in v.10?
      • Why did he do that?
  4. Was this a good Jewish argument between Mo & God?
    • How did God respond to Moses?
    • Has He ever spoken to you like this?                                   
  5. Why did the Cubs not make the playoffs? Will Maddon now go to the Angels?
  6. v.14 – why did ‘the anger of the Lord burn against Moses’?
  7. Was this the best solution? Why?
  8. Explain v.18-20
  9. What is the point of v.22?
  10. Explain v.24-26.
    • Was Zipporah’s action appropriate?
  11. v.31 seems to be a wonderful response. Will the Israelites maintain this attitude? Explain.
  12. What have you learned about yourself in this Chapter?
    • what do you need to change?
  13. What have you learned about God in this chapter?
  14. What have you learned about Israel in this chapter?
  15. How can you share these truths with a non-believer?